vibram-en - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

"Man and earth connection"- Vibram staged a reality flash-show at the Italian Pavilion at the Expo”

On October 16 at 15.00 pm in the main hall of the Italian Pavilion, more than 50 visitors suddenly “froze” at the same time. All motionless, as if time was suspended: some of them were tying their shoes, some drinking water, others just holding hands or taking pictures. There was also a TV reporter who “froze”. The unexpected collective "freezing" caused a lot of curiosity in all the other visitors of the pavilion staring at the unusual situation. All of a sudden they “unfroze” and started to move again continuing doing their things and disappearing between the tourists. All the performers of the “flash mob” were wearing particular five toes shoes.