Theme - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

‘Better City, Better Life’ the theme of the universal Exhibition in Shanghai, represents a common hope or the human race: a better life in the future development in the cities of our planet. ‘Better City, Better Life’ expresses the interest that the International community has for urban strategies and possible development.

1800 1950 2000 2010
2% 29% 50% 55%

The expectation of having a better life has been present throughout the history of urbanisation. Expo 2010 is an occasion to suggest answers, offer model cities of the future and harmonious styles of urban life, at the same time offering educational platforms and entertainment for visitors of all nations.

The organisers of Expo 2010 have proposed structuring participation by taking into consideration five possible variations on  the theme ’Better City, Better Life’:

Integration of different cultures
Economic prosperity
Technological Innovation
Remodelling of the community
Interaction between urban and country areas


The organisers feel that better cities and a better life depend on our ability to co-exist and create a harmonious interaction between three organic systems: man, the city and the planet.