The welcome staff will be wearing uniforms especially designed by Prada.

The uniforms have been created using faille and poplin stretch fabrics and combining bright colors - such as fuchsia, white, and steel gray - to convey a highly recognizable, modern and elegant look. The staff will carry the Prada’s unisex briefcase shoulder bags known as “piattine”, a classical style made of iron-grey “vela” fabric.

Stefano Bergesio - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Stefano Bergesio
Executive Administrator of the Commission of Italy for  Shanghai World Expo 2010

Born in Rome in 1953, he got his degree in Political Science at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.
In 1981 he entered the Directive Administrative Career in the Foreign Office and had various executive posts in the Personnel and Administration Department.
During service abroad he was Deputy Consul in the Italian General Consulate in Sao Paolo and at the Italian General Consulate in Lyon. He went on to become Chief Director of Administrative Affairs in the Italian Embassy of the Holy See.
In the year 2000 he became Executive Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later a Advisor to the Department of migration, and nominated Chief Executive in the Service for data processing, communication and codes.
In 2004 he became Executive Officer for Administrative Affairs at the Italian Embassy in Berlin and he also dealt with Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Hungary.
On 12th September 2007 he was given the post as Executive Administrator of the Commission of Italy for the World EXPO Shanghai 2010.
From september 12th he has been apponted as first range of roles' manager at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Member of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.
Commander of the Order of Saint Gregorio Magno.