Sardinia - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010


The Island of Sardinia is located in the centre of the Mediterranean, and embodies all the colours, warmth and mildness of this sea. This ancient island rests on extraordinary rock formations, white limestone, red porphyry and rough granite forms. Remote volcanoes have been replaced by mountains and plateaus, while pinnacles on the horizon seem to draw one towards mysterious, secret places. Sardinia is an undiscovered paradise. Even today you can easily venture into paths, woods and villages which have been hidden in the mists of time.
The journey between the mountains of the inland area and the sea is always short. Welcoming plains hint at the direction. With its 2000 kilometres of coastline, Sardinia offers endless beaches, plunging cliffs, secluded bays with pure white sand and shingle, dunes and pine forests, cliffs and juniper trees. Close to the beaches there are plenty of wetlands, marshes and lagoons that abound with wildlife. Rivers and torrents form waterfalls and lakes, which contribute to the variety of the Sardinian countryside.
Visitors to the island are welcomed by pervasive aromas. Intense essences such as lentisk, helichrysum, thyme and lavender are evidence of a unique, unspoiled environment, rich in natural parks, marine reserves and protected areas. The number of centegenarians, more than 230 out of 1,650,000 inhabitants, is testimony to the quality of life on the island. Sardinians are extraordinarily long-lived, and this unique phenomenon has been studied by researchers from all over the world.
Through a technological and multimedial representation, Sardinia will present its "Elixir of Life".