pinocchio-en - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Pinocchio and the magic of Capri at the Expo 2010 Shanghai ?The Italian Pavilion hosts Arbore and the night 'Anema e Core'

A big party in Capri-style for guests of the Italian Pavilion on Saturday evening turned into a Chinese "Anema e Core" for the arrival of Guido Lembo. The most famous Capri singer, known worldwide for evenings hosted in his tavern, a symbol of the “dolce vita” in Capri, carried in the Shanghai Expo a touch of summer in Naples.
In many guests enjoy the show, which for one evening at the Expo in Shanghai celebrated the coming of summer with the jokes of the Neapolitan cabaret showman. ??In recent days, even the anchorman Renzo Arbore visited the Italian Pavilion to present the Word Conference on Pinocchio. These days, in fact, the protagonist of the room "The Making Of" is just the most famous wooden puppet in the world, created by Florentine artisans. The project Pinocchio World, prepared by the architects Charles Anzilotti, Monica Baldi and Cristina animate the laboratory of the Italian Pavilion until July the 20th, with a combination of art, technology and production. In the laboratory, in fact, craftsmen reproduce live some objects of the design line specially designed by the three Tuscan architects called "A Thousand Lies", characterized by reference to Pinocchio's nose in chairs in solid wood. Curiosity and innovation are also the "Jiminy Cricket" carbon fibre tripods that hold monitors in which flow images of architecture inspired by Collodi character.
  ?The showman Renzo Arbore read excerpts from the book by Carlo Collodi and translated into Chinese, which have influenced the public invited to the presentation of the Pinocchio World. Even in China the Italian puppet is very popular and the work of Collodi is among the textbooks included in the school programs devoted to the youngest.