The welcome staff will be wearing uniforms especially designed by Prada.

The uniforms have been created using faille and poplin stretch fabrics and combining bright colors - such as fuchsia, white, and steel gray - to convey a highly recognizable, modern and elegant look. The staff will carry the Prada’s unisex briefcase shoulder bags known as “piattine”, a classical style made of iron-grey “vela” fabric.

Maria Assunta Accili - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Maria Assunta Accili
Secretary General of the Commission of Italy for Shanghai World Expo 2010

Born in l’Aquila on 16th November 1955.
Gets a degree in Political Science from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ on July 1979.
Gets a Post-Graduate Degree in ‘Public Organisations Management’ at the ‘Collège d’Europe’ of  Bruges (Belgium) in June 1980.
Enters the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Volunteer for the Diplomatic Service on 1st August 1980.
Attends a professional training course  at the Diplomatic Institute from 1st August 1980 to 20th March 1981.
Nominated Legation Secretary on 29th March 1981.
Works at the Cooperation and Development Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office for Latin America and Asia, until 20th August 1983.
Second Secretary for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Italian Embassy in Rabat (Morocco) until 25th March 1986.
Becomes First Secretary on 1st February 1985.
At the Italian Embassy in Peking (China) from 27th March 1986 to 30 June 1991 she held the post of First Secretary for Commercial Affairs first and of Counsellor later on.
Becomes Legation Counsellor on 1st May 1990.
Holds the post of Head of Research Study and Planning Unit at the Directorate General for Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1st July 1991.
At the Diplomatic Institute for the Advanced Professional Training Course from 15th December 1991 to 16th October 1992.
Holds the post of First Counsellor – Deputy Chief of Mission at the Italian Embassy in Islamabad (Pakistan) from 18th October 1993 to 7th September 1997.
From 8th September 1997 to 17th September 2001 holds the post of First Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the OECD in Paris (France); acts as Italian Delegate and Chairperson of the Budget Committee at the International Energy Agency.
Becomes Embassy Counsellor on 1st January 1998.
Inspector of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 17th September 2001 to 12th September 2003.
Head of the Special Delegation of Italy at Taipei (Taiwan) from 12th September 2003 to 4th October 2007.
Promoted Minister Plenipotentiary 2nd January 2004.
From 10th October to date holds the post of Secretary General of the Commission of Italy for the Shanghai World Expo 2010.