Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Huub Sanders Huub Sanders

Perfetti Van Melle's sweetness at Italian Pavilion. An interview with Huub Sanders, General manager of Perfetti Van Melle China

Antonio Chioato Antonio Chioato

With Ferrero children protagonists of the city of the future. Interview with Antonio Chioato, General Manager for Ferrero in China

Matteo Crovetto Matteo Crovetto

Passion and innovation with the “soles” on the ground? Interview to Matteo Crovetto, General Manager Vibram China

Franco Amadei Franco Amadei

Interview with Franco Amadei, CEO of Fiat China

Francesco Forlenza Francesco Forlenza

A company into the future. An interview with Francesco Forlenza, Chairman of Olivetti

Giancarlo Basili Giancarlo Basili

Interview to Giancarlo Basili, designer of the fitting for the Italian Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Adolfo Guzzini Adolfo Guzzini

"Excellence above all"
Interview with Adolfo Guzzini, President of iGuzzini

Giovanni Ferrario Giovanni Ferrario

"And the cement became transparent" - An interview with Giovanni Ferrario, Managing Director for Italcementi

Giorgio Squinzi Giorgio Squinzi

"Combine technological excellence, love of culture and respect for the environment". An interview with Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of Mapei SpA and President of the Mapei Group

Graziano Verdi Graziano Verdi

"The Italian Project Culture at the service of the great architecture artefacts". An interview with Graziano Verdi, President and CEO of Fiandre

Davide Croff Davide Croff

"The Italian excellence drawing the world skyline". An Interview with Davide Croff, President of Permasteelisa.

Paolo Zegna Paolo Zegna

"The total quality of the “Made in Italy” will be on display". Interview with Paolo Zegna, Vice-President of Confindustria for Internationalisation.

Zhong Yanqun Zhong Yanqun

"The Countdown to the Shanghai Expo". Interview with by Zhong Yanqun, Vice Director of the Executive Committee of Shanghai Expo.

Aldo Bonomi Aldo Bonomi

"A hi-touch theme park to represent the gentle power of Italy"
An interview with Aldo Bonomi, Sociologist and Director of AASTER Research Institute.

Beniamino Quintieri Beniamino Quintieri

“The Italian Pavilion will be available to firms for 6 months”
An interview with the Italian Commissioner, Beniamino Quintieri.

Silvana Annicchiarico Silvana Annicchiarico

“Italy of the people at Shanghai”
An interview with the Director of the Design Museum at the Triennale di Milano, Silvana Annicchiarico.

Umberto Vattani Umberto Vattani

"Unity and diversity, the incredible resources of our cities"
Interview with Umberto Vattani, President of the National Institute for Foreign Trade.

Davide Rampello Davide Rampello

‘We will work to put the best of our culture on show’.
Interview with Davide Rampello, President of the Triennale di Milano.

Xu Bo Xu Bo

“Italy protagonist at Expo Shanghai 2010”
Interview with Xu Bo, Responsible for foreign participants in the organisation of Expo Shanghai 2010.

Giampaolo Imbrighi Giampaolo Imbrighi

‘The Italian Pavilion: a balance between architecture, environment and technology’
An interview with the Architect Giampaolo Imbrighi the winner of the Internationl Ideas Competition for the planning of the Italian Pavilion for World Expo 2010.

Franco Purini Franco Purini

"Shanghai, an architecture of light for an innovative Pavilion"
An interview with the Architect Prof. Franco Purini, member of the Jury in the Internationl Ideas Competition for the planning of the Italian Pavilion for World Expo 2010.

Beniamino Quintieri Beniamino Quintieri

“In China, an occasion not to miss”
An interview with the Italian Commissioner, Beniamino Quintieri.