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“Italy of Innovators” Debuts at Expo, Sharing Excellent Italian Technologies with the World

Press Release Programme

(Shanghai, July 24, 2010) This morning, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the “Italy of Innovators” exhibition was held at the Italian Pavilion, announcing the official opening of a two-week long show of innovative Italian achievements. Mr. Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General of Italy for Shanghai World Expo 2010 and Mr. Renzo Turatto, Head of the Department of Digitalization and Innovation of the Ministry for the Public Administration, attended the event, where both delivered speeches. Seizing the grand occasion of the Shanghai Expo, the Italian Pavilion hopes to share with the world Italy’s latest inventions and innovations, all of which provide effective solutions for ensuring that future urban development improves and elevates quality of life.

The project “Italy of Innovators” was jointly launched by the Commission of Italy for the World Expo and the Italian Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation, with the aim of giving visibility to, and promoting the development of, Italian talents and institutions dedicated to pursuing technological excellence. Resonating with the Italian Pavilion’s theme – “City of Man”, the judging panel has selected the most significant scientific breakthroughs in urban construction and living to be displayed at the Expo. The exhibits cover a wide range of technological fields, such as E-government, transportation, public safety, environmental protection, human health and urban planning.

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