fretteworkshop-en - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Italian Pavilion Launches Frette Workshop: Italian Artisans Embroider Fine Linens in Workshop

Recently, Italian Pavilion has kicked off its Frette workshop for premium textiles and embroidery. During the two-week exhibition, visitors to the Italian Pavilion will have the opportunity to witness brilliant embroidery skills that integrate classical Italian heritage with the contemporary innovation of this century-old brand. The Italian Pavilion has managed to impress its visitors with a perfect fusion of “tradition and innovation” at the EXPO. This demonstration of “high-quality living in an Italian way”, represents exactly what the Italian Pavilion itself always strives to epitomize.

Boasting a long history of over 150 years, Frette has taken a dominant role in the textile industry with its top product quality and unique Italian craftsmanship. Veteran craftsmen use carefully selected linens and silk threads entirely on fuselli (wooden bobbins) to weave out complex pictures—ideal for creating contrasting figures—while the new weaving method is applied in geometrical or symmetrical patterns. The whole process takes a long time to complete and demands very high skill levels. The final embroidery resembles a work of art with vivid coloration, intricate detailing and a refined elegance. A history of such original design, as well as of unparalleled use of Jacquard patterns, made Frette the top choice for royal families and celebrities as early as the 19th century.

“Made in Italy” is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship, as well as a story told to visitors all over the world about what makes all these Italian brands so popular. In addition, the Italian Pavilion has scheduled a series of events, ranging from architecture and design to music, throughout the whole of September. From the 13th to the 18th this month, government authorities and scholars from both Italy and China are scheduled to gather together at the EXPO Park to exchange opinions about the cutting-edge development of green architectural design and future city plans. Meanwhile, the world renowned La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra from Milan will perform a concert which lead the audience to the gates of Music Palace.