bottegaveneta-en - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Another Glamorous Showcase of Luxury Brands Graces the Italian Pavilion
World Class Luxury Brand Bottega Veneta at the Expo

Known as the most fashionable and creative pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the Italian Pavilion is highly popular with tourists from around the world. Recently, the Italian Pavilion has been spoiling visitors with the glamour of one luxury brand after the next. At present, skilled Italian craftsmen from Bottega Veneta are creating the brand’s signature woven handbags, right before visitors’ eyes. Located within the Italian Pavilion’s “making of” laboratory, the workshop will be held through August 18.
As part of Bottega Veneta’s ongoing efforts to support emerging artists and highlight outstanding talent all over the world, the brand recently sponsored a Tan Dun concert celebrating these exceptional performers. Tan Dun, the award-winning composer who also serves as a cultural ambassador for the Expo, honoured the Expo with the world premiere of his “Martial Arts Trilogy” concert. Amedeo Cicchese, a talented, young Italian cellist, performed a solo at the concert to warm applause from the audience.
Since the Expo’s opening in May, the “Making of” workshop at the Italian Pavilion has always been a “must see” for visitors. A host of other exciting workshops have been organised to follow Bottega Veneta, with bag-making by Tod’s, jewelry making by Bulgari, traditional Italian pastry making and many more scheduled for the months to come. All of which will allow visitors to appreciate and understand Italy’s world famous traditional craftsmanship skills.