Bie - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

The International Bureau of Exhibitions (B.I.E.) is an international organisation and was established by a Diplomatic International Convention. Its function is to regulate the frequency and quality of exhibitions falling within its remit. Founded 22nd November 1928, it was based in Paris and presided over by S.E.M. Jean Pierre Lafon. To date, there are 140 member countries and a number of organisations.

Modernisation, technological development, transformation of the city’s habitat and growth outline the fundamental spirit of every international exhibition.
From the middle of the XIX century to today these objectives have developed into famous architectural achievements, art exhibitions open to international confrontation, radical urban development and exceptional possibilities for invention and communication.
Two types of Exhibitions
From the very beginning the BIE has felt the need to differentiate the exhibitions into:

  Frequency Duration Area Theme
International Registered Exhibitions (or Esposizioni Universali) Every 5 years Maximum 6 Months No restriction General
Internationally Recognised Exhibitions In the interval between two Universal Exhibitions 3 mesi al massimo
Maximum 25 acres

Registration of the Exhibitions
There are three main steps that an exhibition must follow to be eligible for BIE registration.
Enquiry: following the first formal nomination of a new project, which must specify the date of opening and closing, the theme and the legal status of the organising body, a BIE preliminary enquiry mission carries out an on-the-spot assessment of the project.
Presentation of the results: this thorough research is the basis for a report, which is submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration and subsequently to the General Assembly for approval.
Registration of the exhibition: the third and final process is the registration of the exhibition on the basis of the formal review and acceptance of the General Regulations and Draft Participation Contract by the Assembly. The completion of the registration procedure (which may take three years) is marked by the awarding of the BIE flag.
Registration, which can take up to three years, indicates the solemn acceptance by the host Government of its responsibility to apply and maintain the BIE rules.
By this process, the future development of international exhibitions is protected and the interests of the member states maintained.
During an exhibition, the BIE maintains its control function through the College of Commissioners General who are the representatives of a participating Government at the exhibition and an elected Steering Committee, which maintains a close liaison not only with the exhibition organisers but with the BIE.

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