apulia-fashion - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Italy’s Fashion Takes the Lead

Italian Wedding Fashion Runway Show from Apulia


“Italian-Style Marriage in Apulia”, a stunning event, which served as the opening show for the regional exhibition of Apulia, was held at the Italian Pavilion this evening. More than forty beautiful wedding dresses made out of top quality rustling silks, fine laces, crisp shantung, organza ribbons and firm Mikado were sent down the runway, showcasing the originality and creativity of top Italian ateliers. The fashion show, staged in the pavilion’s “Joy of Living” square, presented visitors with the most elegant and stylish wedding dresses for this season.
Defining themselves as “art shops”, the ateliers showcased today have all developed their own original styles and are popular among film stars and costume designers, as well as advertising campaigns. Through the Shanghai World Expo, visitors were able to see with their own eyes the charm of Italy's top fashion studios, including Azzurra Collezione, Bellantuono, Giovanna Sbiroli, Rossorame, Ninfe Collezioni Sposa, Anna Primiceri Spose, and Gianni Calignano.

Bruno Simeone, the top stylist at Rossorame, was present at this evening’s fashion show.

Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General of Italy for Shanghai World Expo 2010 stated, “Friends from China might not be familiar with Apulia, but we believe that Apulia is a classic example of Italy’s future. Geographically, Apulia sits atop the heel of Italy’s “boot”, an apt symbol of the elegant support it has given to Italy. We hope that visitors to the Expo will take the opportunity to discover this regional exhibition as it will allow them to better experience the rich culture present in Italy.”

Upcoming events for the Apulia regional exhibition:
The series of exciting exhibits on display in the upcoming exhibition:
“Apulia: Italian Excellence designing the future” includes the first film festival to be held in the Expo Park: the Italian Film Festival – “Apulia, Scenes to explore”;
The workshop “Better City Better Life in Apulia” on renewable energy (July 2nd) and a guided tasting of selected wines “Apulia: Italian Excellence tasting the Future” (July 5th).

Background information:

With increasing levels of innovation and technology, the panorama of the fashion establishment has a new undercurrent. Many companies are now engaged in design and prototypes linked to the major luxury designer labels, and in the development of marketing strategies to enhance their brand and their collections. Apulia remains the last bastion of quality fashion clothing production in Europe and continues to find profitable openings in international markets, despite pressures from low-cost countries. In 2009, Apulia’s exports (in the fashion area) exceeded EUR 220 million, of which articles of clothing and woollens accounted for EUR 180 million, and yarn, textiles and other textile products for the remaining EUR 46 million.