Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Beniamino Quintieri
Beniamino Quintieri

“The Italian Pavilion will be available to firms for 6 months”
An interview with the Italian Commissioner, Beniamino Quintieri.

World economy is, as we all know, going through a very difficult period. Many parts of the world are in a recession which is destined to go on for some time. A fall in investments will undoubtedly slow down exports in the capital goods sector, while in countries as Russia and the United States the expected fall in consumer goods, will determine a fall in the sales of luxury products.

It is, therefore, important that our firms manage to redirect their business towards a market that will maintain a discreet growth in the next two years, as is expected in the Asian area. In this scenario, World Expo Shanghai 2010, is a unique means of promotion for our industrial system and it can become a central element in the strategy in helping our country recover.

Italian productivity, which is mainly made up of small to medium sized firms, can use the exhibition of 2010 as a window on China and the world. The small firms find it difficult to promote themselves abroad and they occasionally do but which have a limited impact. At Shanghai, for 6 months, the participating firms will have an Italian pavilion which has also been conceived as an area for business meetings, presentation of products and productive processes of particular interest.

We’re working so that Italy will get to 2010 in a structured and coordinated way. Bearing this in mind, our involvement in the Italian industrial system and Public Administration which can support internationalization, is fundamental to the success of the exhibition. We have formed partnerships with both the public and private sector in order to optimise effort and necessary investment and ensure a significant and competitive presence.

There are already many Italian firms that are interested in this initiative, and there has been an increase in agreements with Ministries and Local Councils supporting Italian participation.

The Italian Pavilion will be a quality structure, designed and constructed with the best materials, a result of research and our creative capacity for innovation. This is the only way Italian production can be best represented and firms are invited to participate fully aware that they are contributing to the promotion of different sectors rather than single names. The magnitude of the event is a challenge, but our firms are stimulated knowing that Made in Italy is our focal point.