Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Beniamino Quintieri
Beniamino Quintieri

“In China, an occasion not to miss”
An interview with the Italian Commissioner, Beniamino Quintieri.

The Shanghai Universal Exhibition 2010 is a great opportunity for Italy. Six months of exhibitions in China’s liveliest city offers opportunities not to be missed, a unique window to display the excellent products of our country. Six months full of ideas, projects and talents on show in what can be considered the Olympics in innovation in technology and to some extent  in science and economy with record numbers: 200 Countries participating, with over 70 million visitors expected.

Dedicated to the theme ‘Better City, Better Life’ EXPO intends to make one reflect on future sustainable cities, which is relevant to the whole world, considering the incredible number of people who now chose to live in the cities.  From 1950 to today the number of cities with over 10 million inhabitants has grown from two to twenty. Many of these cities, which are to be found in developing countries, have grown haphazardly and are only modestly habitable.

In China, 600 million people are literally ‘squashed’ into 668 cities, 40 of which have more than one million inhabitants and 50 more than five hundred thousand. It is obvious that such a dense population brings about all kinds of difficulties¸ ranging from a lack of space and resources to cultural conflicts and an environmental damage. It is clear that growth without strategy and without control could bring about further erosion to the quality of life.

Italy can say a great deal on this matter.
Ours is a history of cities, each with its own culture and with a clearly distinct vocation, but integrated in the national context notwithstanding their diversity. For this reason it is an important occasion for Italian enterprises to reveal these special characteristics and share them in the context of an ever growing urbanisation and an every growing need for safety and care for the environment.

An occasion which we will evaluate to the best of our ability during the exhibition period inside our own house; a pavilion of six thousand square metres, which will have avant-garde architectonic characteristics, present our best ideas on the EXPO theme, offer original technological proposals, in short, a place of cultural exchange, with the hope of contributing to a better life in our cities.