Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Huub Sanders
Huub Sanders

Perfetti Van Melle's sweetness at Italian Pavilion. An interview with Huub Sanders, General manager of Perfetti Van Melle China

Your Company choose to be partner of the Italian pavilion at expo Shanghai 2010, which objectives are you following with this participation?
We have chosen to be one of the Italian partners at the Shanghai expo in order to further consolidate our Brands in China and on the Asian Market. The possibility to have our products made visible in such an important showcase, with so many national and international visitors, is a one-time opportunity. It is also an important moment to, once again, show our consumers the high quality of our products, the strong dedication to innovation and new product development as well as emphasize our creativity.

How are you communicating to the Chinese market the excellence of your company?
Top quality and innovative products, a professional sales operations, and outstanding management have been the keys to Perfetti Van Melle China's success. We are deeply committed to continuous quality improvement in our people, products, and manufacturing processes as well as commitment to Community.

What the feedback you’re receiving from your participation at the Italian Pavilion in Expo Shanghai 2010?
The sampling events and the selling of Italian Pavilion style Alpenliebe gift box receives a lot of spontaneous compliments from various sides such as media and visitors of the Italian Pavilion. Only in a few days after the grand opening on the 1st May, these activities have drawn tremendous attention on quite a few major digital media in China including,,, Meanwhile, many individual visitors put nice photos of the beautiful and elegant sampling girls and colorful gift box on their personal blogs with diverse description to show the same appreciation. The limited edition gift boxes are brought to all over the world as a wonderful gift to cherish forever in the name of love to Italy, love to China and love to EXPO Shanghai 2010.
Alpenliebe, as a famous Italian confectionary brand, is sharing not only the sweetness but also the love and care from the brand with thousands of visitors from all over the world by this participation.