Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Zhong Yanqun
Zhong Yanqun

"The Countdown to the Shanghai Expo". Interview with by Zhong Yanqun, Vice Director of the Executive Committee of Shanghai Expo.

The curtain on the Shanghai Expo rises in a year, on the banks of the Huangpu River, it will be an exceptional opportunity for encounters between countries around the world .Countries and people with different levels of development share a strong interest in the theme "Better City, Better Life" and we have the expectation that the participants will use the Expo platform to analyze the evolution of urban civilization, share experiences on the construction of cities and explore the possibilities for future development with the aim to promote the improvement, design and protection of cultural heritage.

Thanks to the positive interest and commitment of the whole international community, among 234 countries and multilateral organizations have already confirmed their presence to the Expo, and between them nearly 200 have already signed a contract of participation. At the same time the preparatory works are carried out and as early as March 27 2009 we began selling the official event tickets. In short: the city of Shanghai is ready to welcome guests from all over the world.

Italy has a wide experience of participating in these events and has participated to the last seven universal Expos. Also in 2015, the next edition of Expo will be held in Milan, so that Italy could not give up working for a high profile in Shanghai. Last year the project of the Italian pavilion was officially presented, its inspirational theme, "La Città dell’uomo” (the human city), will be realised with original shapes and innovative materials suggesting that the Italian presence will be a breath of fresh air .

The Shanghai Expo has taken as a model for its pavilions several ecological and eco sustainable Italian buildings, including, for example, the brand new headquarters of "Il Sole 24 Ore". We look forward to see the soul and the strength that radiate from the urban Italians centres with an adequate visibility in Shanghai.

The Universal Exposition of 2010 will arise as a sort of Olympics of the economy. Probably all the participants share the organizers’ belief that, in an international context marked by economic crisis, the Expo will enable the launch of new ideas for development, to give new impetus to trade and to boost international cooperation. We also believe that through the opportunity presented by the Expo, confidence will be injected into the system, helping to find the necessary courage to overcome the crisis and promote the recovery of the global economy.
Welcome to China, Italian friends, and welcome to the great encounter of peoples and countries around the world that will be the Shanghai Expo in 2010.