The welcome staff will be wearing uniforms especially designed by Prada.

The uniforms have been created using faille and poplin stretch fabrics and combining bright colors - such as fuchsia, white, and steel gray - to convey a highly recognizable, modern and elegant look. The staff will carry the Prada’s unisex briefcase shoulder bags known as “piattine”, a classical style made of iron-grey “vela” fabric.

Permanent Exhibitions - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Room 5: A Bite of Italy

The room presents Italian food and the parallel theme of healthy living, and the harmony between body and spirit
• The ceiling is filled with a golden wheat field – wheat being the key ingredient to make pasta
• An olive tree emerges from the floor beams, surrounded by a display of wines and pastas, and videos showing the Italian food industry
Two precious paintings by the 18th century Florentine artist Bartolomeo Bimbi: ‘Still life with citruses’ and ‘Still life with grapes’.