History - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

The 1900s

1900 – Paris, France
Many  monuments were built for the occasion of the 1900 Paris Exhibition ‘Evaluation of a century’ and which hosted more than 50 million visitors (the 1970 Osaka exhibition alone had the same number) amongst these were: the Lyon railway terminus, the Orsay railway station (now the Orsay Museum), the Alexander III Bridge, the Grand Palais, the Ruche and the Petit Palais.
The Paris Exhibition also saw the arrival of the cinema with the brothers Lumiere. The most important of all the work, however, was the beginning of the Paris underground, known even today as ‘line 1’, started in 1897 and finished in 1900 in time for the Expo opening.

1906 – Milan, Italy
The 1906 International Exhibition of Milan was open from 28th April to 11th November in buildings and pavilions specially constructed for the occasion behind the Sforza Castel (now the Sempione Park) in the area where the 1923 Milan Exhibition with the theme transport was to be held. 13 million old Italian lire were invested for the 225 constructions which included the public aquarium. 40 countries, 35.000 exhibitors and 5 million visitors participated. The symbol of the Exhibition was created by Leopoldo Metlicovitz to celebrate the opening of the tunnel Sempione, completed in 1906, through the Alps which was to link Milan and Paris by rail.