Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Paolo Zegna
Paolo Zegna

"The total quality of the “Made in Italy” will be on display". Interview with Paolo Zegna, Vice-President of Confindustria for Internationalisation.

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is expected to be an event of enormous importance and great resonance, that is further to stress (even after the Olympics in Beijing) the emergence of China as a major economic and cultural power.

Typically a world exhibition is a showcase of international resonance for the participant Countries but also a powerful platform to push the market, and Shanghai is no exception.

Confindustria - the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies - in its international activities, will get an advantage with this opportunity to strengthen its bilateral economic and trade relations with China.

China represents for the Italian industry and in general for the European one, a market of great strategic interest, in constant and rapid growth. And that is why our industrial system is preparing at its best to be a successful protagonist in this event.

We will use as a lever the "excellence" factor, a vital competitive advantage for the Italian industry which, in fact, reacts to the crisis and the international competition by investing more in what we might call the "total quality", that is the set of production processes, technology, semi finished, human resources, and all other intermediate factors leading to the final product best known and appreciated in the world: the "Made in Italy".

The theme chosen for the exhibition of the Italian Pavilion, "The city of man – live the Italian way" is a congenial theme to us, perfectly tailored for our skills and potential.

The associative system of Confindustria, in a logic of efficiency and collaboration in the portrayal of Italian industrial excellence, has been involved to provide guidance, suggestions, staging ideas and proposals for events and initiatives for the development of the Italian Pavilion, knowing that it will have a tremendous impact on our country image.

The Italian Pavilion was conceived and designed as a quality structure, that will use the best materials, the result of the best research, creative ability and innovation of our industry.

Confindustria follows very closely the path of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, and will continue to contribute in terms of liaison and coordination of initiatives proposed by the associations to the Commission, giving the associative system all the necessary support.

Several groups have already expressed their interest and their availability, and have also put forward concrete and operative proposals.

Our companies have already proved their strong belief in the initiative, some of them have already committed to provide, freely, important material supplies necessary for the realization of the Pavilion. In fact, these protagonists are the best witnesses of the great importance of the Expo and even greater expectations placed in the Chinese market.

Almost a year before the opening of the Expo in Shanghai, the circle has not closed yet, there are other plenty of possibilities for further contributions by our businesses. The Italian Pavilion, which in 2010 will represent in Shanghai our country to a global audience, will be the result of a great team effort.

The main aspect to be considered is that in Shanghai the associations and their associated companies will have the Italian pavilion available for 6 months. We must try to utilise it the best possible way! Let’s optimise our efforts to be a single system so as to ensure a highly representative Italian participation.

Let’s use the Expo as a promoting factor of our business system to compete in China, because it will certainly be a unique opportunity for visibility for Made in Italy products and for Italian companies, starting with SMEs.