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For the whole of the duration of Expo (1 May – 31 October) there will be numerous activities in the Italian Pavilion which will contribute to illustrate the philosophy behind our participation in the exhibition.

The agenda of events which will take place, not only in our pavilion but also in other areas inside the Exhibition Park and generally in the city of Shanghai, will be published in 2010.

Shows - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Ethnos GROUP Folk

5 to 6 May 6.30 pm
The first appointment is with the Ethnos Group, a folk band from Basilicata, which will bring to China ancient folk melodies of this rich region of southern Italy.

May features the scheduled artistic events that have crowned Italy. The first appointment to keep is that with Ethnos Group, a folk music group from Basilicata, which will take to China the ancient popular melodies of this extremely rich region located in the south of Italy.

The group performs folk music representing a Lucanian music tradition. Their collection of ancient popular chants pour into the music with loved roots which identify with the Lucanian people (of Irish descent) forming compilations of modern musical styles. With love, Ethnos was born to spread the chants of the Madonna, Tarantellas and popular ballads through musical pieces with modern technical additions. Ethnos is a group of artists, professionalists who became well-known through songwriter Pino Mango; a follow Lucanian himself. Mystifying their audiences is the result of many years of artistic maturity and experience. Then a “score for eighteen strings and voice,” in which the musicians feel that “dialogue among three guitarists and a voice” was where life of a civilization flows; the mysterious and fascinating peasant civilization of Lucanian people is now performed. Through the softness of string sound and the suggestive strength of voice, Ethnos tries to connote a people, one who represented a rich history; the Lucanian people.”