Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Franco Purini
Franco Purini

"Shanghai, an architecture of light for an innovative Pavilion"
An interview with the Architect Prof. Franco Purini, member of the Jury in the Internationl Ideas Competition for the planning of the Italian Pavilion for World Expo 2010.

The work of the Jury has been very meticulous and difficult, especially as the level of the designs presented by the young Italian architects were excellent, giving rise to a competition of the highest level.

The requisites fixed by the call for participation were, on the one hand, the search for formal characteristics that gave a positive and modern image of Italy and, on the other, original solutions both for the structural plan, satisfying the need for restructuring on a limited scale, and techniques that were eco-compatible, from the materials used in innovative technology.

The project presented by the Architect Giampaolo Imbrighi managed to pull together all these elements combining the distinguishing characteristics of our culture and the variety found in our regions, showing a country on the move with a high profile, original and competitive in a globalized world.

The building exploits the space in the pavilion in an original way by using an artificial landscape made up of paths, alleys and squares as if the Pavilion itself were the city. An imaginary journey which combines the originality and variety of our regions in the best way. A place which illuminates the different areas and corners of the pavilion with a picturesque and engaging magical play of light.

The element of light is fundamental and is highlighted by the materials used, transparent cement, which filters the light, like alabaster, giving the place strength and narrative power. A story which begins at the entrance to the Pavilion and crosses transparent surfaces, which symbolize precious stones.

Inspired by the concept of harmony within diversity Architect Imbrighi’s project looks to the future through a structure held together by light which is the metaphor for hope, guaranteeing balance, elegance and beauty. A beauty, however, which is not aggressive or superficially spectacular.