Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Davide Rampello
Davide Rampello

‘We will work to put the best of our culture on show’.
Interview with Davide Rampello, President of the Triennale di Milano.

The Triennale di Milano, today a point of reference in Italy for architecture, the decorative and visual arts, design and fashion will work together with the Italian Commission on the concept – the visiting card – to set up the Italian Pavilion at Expo Shanghai 2010.
President Davide Rampello, is in no doubt: ‘We will work to put the best of our culture on show’.

President, the Expo theme is ‘ Better City, Better Life’, an incredible opportunity to reflect on the future of our cities and the quality of life. In the context of Shanghai, what does ‘to put the best of our culture on show’ mean?

'It means to call back the unique roots that the Italian culture has left us in time on the theme of the liveability of the city and the quality of life of its citizens. From Medieval times to the Renaissance our country was an example for the whole western world, because it was able to conceive an ideal city, liveable, a synthesis of the great masters that were born in Italy, mathematicians, architects, philosophers…. A polytechnic culture which has allowed us to ‘decorate’ not only our cities, but also our countryside and the surrounding landscape to our best.
This culture is present even today, in firms, commerce and artistic enterprises which put together, in the best possible way, the respect for the environment and the quality of life. The important thing is to find the right synthesis, the right visiting card to allow bring our knowledge and cultural heritage to emerge'.

Is this why you are putting together a jury of experts who are able to ’show’ all our potential to its best?

'Of course. Inside the Pavilion must prevail that ‘culture of the design’, that synthesis, that collective participation’that our country has always taught. The idea that a piece of furniture, likewise a city, does not create itself, but is the result of the contribution of an industrial project. 
An industry that cannot put aside the values of liveability, respect for the environment and the quality of life. That’s to say Better City, Better Life'.