Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Adolfo Guzzini
Adolfo Guzzini

"Excellence above all"
Interview with Adolfo Guzzini, President of iGuzzini

President, IGuzzini has chosen to engage as partner in the Italian Pavilion at thw Shanghai World Expo 2010: With what objectives?

Excellence in the first place. The high level of projects, innovations, of all the event.
Be present, actively participate in an event of this magnitude, it does not only mean to carve out a place in the sun, but it is an opportunity for dialogue, learning, assessment of what has been achieved and what can still be done.
Having reached a leading position internationally, starting from the hills of our Recanati, from our roots of "factory-worker”, we took a proactive expansion. In this path of development, along with the skills and continued investment in innovation, we soon realized the value of certain synergies, the importance of living - not being spectators of – some events.

When darkness will fall on the night of Shanghai and the Italian Pavilion, transparent and alive in its inner core, will propose its night time picture, revealing the swarm of people, the shine of inventions the light of knowledge, we once again confirm have reached a goal: we'll be back "Partners for a Better Light."


The light in any setting as a fundamental role. How does your ability to bring innovation in the Italian Pavilion?

Light plays throughout the Pavilion a key role, both the natural delayed by transparent cement, artificial light is emitted by our equipment. At night, the Pavilion is expressed outward in a true story of light: the darkness is filled with the light emitted by the interior lights and by the transparency of the cement without filter. In this way, with content and container, in all their excellence, we constantly communicate.

The lighting project, its fully integrated architecture is designed by Giampaolo Imbrighi with the different sets designed by Giancarlo Basili. The products chosen to live this extraordinary architectural work are the latest generation - some of them created specifically to meet the different needs of the pavilion - the careful saving and fully managed systems for lighting management.

Your challenges for the future?

They are already in place. Staying competitive and most aligned with market needs is always our priority. In this perspective, and despite the slowdown in the last two years imposed by the crisis in the international markets, we continued to give a great impetus to the process of internationalization, to conquer new market shares, looking for new places to export our company culture. And of course, new products, particularly those devoted to reduce resource consumption.

Inaugurated in May its new headquarters in New York. Preceded by only a few months, by new commercial structures in Sweden and Finland, intended to guard the markets of Northern Europe. These recent openings are the natural continuation of a process that has seen the last five years with also the inauguration of a branch and a factory in Shanghai, a commercial office in Beijing, a subsidiary in Singapore and Dubai.
After more than fifty years since the foundation of our company, we have gained the experience to say that hard times are often harbingers of great ideas, unexpected solutions, successful synergy. And with this spirit we prepare for the future to come.