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For the whole of the duration of Expo (1 May – 31 October) there will be numerous activities in the Italian Pavilion which will contribute to illustrate the philosophy behind our participation in the exhibition.

The agenda of events which will take place, not only in our pavilion but also in other areas inside the Exhibition Park and generally in the city of Shanghai, will be published in 2010.

Shows - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Piazza Vittorio Orchestra

September 18 - Europe Square (Expo Park)
The vitality of the music of the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio will pace the feast. The origins of the Piazza Vittorio neighborhood can be traced to the Esquiline hill in Rome, inhabited by different ethnic groups living together in the capital.

The story begins in the Esquilino neighborhood in Rome. An area that revolves around a square with a Roman heart and a multitude of colors: Piazza Vittorio. It is a thoroughfare and hub for various cultures and its atmosphere inspired Mario Tronco to create what many would have liked to accomplish but only he, with the help and tenacity of Agostino Ferrente, had the courage to see to the end, L’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio.

Many musicians, each one unique in origin, instrument, and musical experience. Together they form an orchestra that plays and reinvents music from all over the world with a visceral energy that audiences take away with them after each concert.

Now, the Orchestra is well-known in Italy and abroad, but in 2002, the year it was created, everything was much more difficult and finding its place in the world of music as well as financial support in order to play was a true undertaking. The only thing that has not changed is the desire to make music and have fun with those who listen to and know how to listen for great new sounds in music.