Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Graziano Verdi
Graziano Verdi

"The Italian Project Culture at the service of the great architecture artefacts". An interview with Graziano Verdi, President and CEO of Fiandre

Why Fiandre decided to become a strategic partners of the Italian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010?

The Chinese market is of strategic importance for us for importance and size. Participate in Shanghai 2010 as the Italian excellence in the field of floors and coatings indeed fills us with pride. We chose to engage in this challenge since the Expo next year is an extraordinary showcase and unique opportunity to get in touch with both architects and designers of international standing, and with Chinese consumers. For this there is nothing better than being inside the pavilion having been chosen for this unique event by the Commission of Italy for the Shanghai World Expo 2010 as the top of Made in Italy.

What energy are you dedicating to the project?

We are addressing the participation at the World Expo 2010 with discipline, focus and a lot of enthusiasm. We have already identified who of Fiandre will be in Shanghai for the duration of the event, to attend the visits of the most highly qualified worldwide architects and designers, we decided to launch promotional campaigns aimed at large Italian and foreign architectural studies related to our ability to design materials so as to visit with them the Italian Pavilion.

What are the Chinese and Asian markets for Fiandre?

China and Asia represent about 10% of our revenues. We hope that the participation in the Expo will strongly promote our materials, both known and appreciated in Italy, even in markets so far away, to be able to double or triple our current turnover in these areas in no more than five years.

What is today, the reality of Fiandre?

I have the honour to lead this company since 1988, when Fiandre was already known as the company of designers, architects and was especially famous for its technology. Over the last 15 years, Fiandre has had an extraordinary development: it has set itself as an alternative to cave products, obtaining a material seven times as hard and ten times more hygienic, and bringing the world of architecture a very high example of innovation. Granite Fiandre is today synonymous with design, innovation and environmental awareness. In line with the theme of the World Expo in Shanghai, Better City, Better Life, we recently launched a new antibacterial material - ActiveTM Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic - which reduces organic and non organic air pollutants by two-thirds, as attested by the Ceramic Centre in Bologna and the Tile Council for North America (UCT).

Which are your challenges for the future?

Be sensitive to the technological development, the design, and the environment is a precursor of what will be the business model of the next ten years.