Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Franco Amadei
Franco Amadei

Interview with Franco Amadei, CEO of Fiat China

Fiat has chosen to commit as official supplier of the Italian Pavilion: how?
In the high-tech room of the Italian Pavilion, Fiat has produced two categories of cars. The first, a Ferrari Hybrid car, which was made in China for the first time on this occasion, the second one, called Fiat 500 the "Italian national car". These two different categories of cars, we can say are the interpretation of the Italian way of living. Through these, Chinese viewers can understand even better the Italian City life and the Italian tradition. The intense red, has always held the position of peak colour for the Ferrari racing cars, and has become well known throughout the world in the eyes of many fans of Ferrari. Precisely for this, given the fame of " Red Ferrari ", we wanted this green Ferrari receive even more attention (attracting even more spectators) by the public. This car is the first in the history of the Ferrari, to be a Ferrari hybrid top technology racing car. A green car, super fast and with low power consumption, inside the Italian Pavilion, conveys to the audience a green idea, of environmental protection, and summarizes the theme of the pavilion "the man City, the ideal city”.

How do you show your ability to innovate inside the Italian Pavilion? ?
Having a history of over 100 years as a car maker, Fiat has always had forward-looking eyes in the development of the automotive sector at an international level, always consistent with the ideal fusion between technology and environment. " After more than a century, Fiat continues to develop and build cars in the compact categories, emphasizing the eco-friendly vision, until now, becoming an international leader in the field of low emission cars, and the Hybrid Ferrari exposed in the pavilion is the concrete example of our innovative capacity.

What you are getting as feedback from your participation?
The Shanghai Expo is a large window, through which Italy and other countries have the opportunity to communicate quickly and affect cultural tastes. Italy and its Hall have the practical ability to transform the taste of Chinese consumers becoming a business opportunity for our entrepreneurs. The Expo is proving a great accelerator for Fiat as for other companies wanting to work in this country. We are already viewing the first results:: the sponsorship of the Italian Pavilion is giving us excellent feedbacks, the feedback from our guests, customers and friends in China is very positive. The Italian Pavilion is demonstrating a powerful accelerator for our communication activities and promotion, the best thing that our company had this year from Italy".