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For the whole of the duration of Expo (1 May – 31 October) there will be numerous activities in the Italian Pavilion which will contribute to illustrate the philosophy behind our participation in the exhibition.

The agenda of events which will take place, not only in our pavilion but also in other areas inside the Exhibition Park and generally in the city of Shanghai, will be published in 2010.

The Italian Pavilion presentation - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010


9th December 2009, Shanghai - The Commissioner General of Italy, Prof. Beniamino Quintieri, together with Mr. Davide Rampello, President of Triennale di Milano, presented the concept at a presentation of the Italian Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai.

9th December 2009, Shanghai - The Commissioner General of Italy, Prof. Beniamino Quintieri, together with Mr. Davide Rampello, President of Triennale di Milano, presented the concept at a presentation of the Italian Pavilion at World Expo 2010 Shanghai, in the presence of H.E. Riccardo Sessa, Ambassador of Italy, Mr. Wu Yun Fei, Deputy Director General of the Shanghai World Expo bureau and Mr. Hsiao Chin, Italian artist. Over 200 guests from Italian and Chinese institutions, businesses, academia and the creative community attended the presentation.

Mr. Davide Rampello introduced the Pavilion theme ‘City of Man, Living the Italian Way’ and showcased the idea that a city’s development should be founded on a respect for human nature and focus on man, his dignity, and his ambitions. Not only that, but a better city must combine renewal and innovation with the protection of historical heritage with the development of new technological solutions to meet community needs and with a positive and sustainable relationship with the areas surrounding the city.’

To demonstrate these ideas during the Expo, Italy has built a 7,800 sq metre square pavilion. Its design is a stunning melding of Italian features, which also pays homage to the Chinese tradition. The architecture resembles a mosaic of shapes symbolising the topographic intricacy of Italian and Chinese cities. Seen from above, the pavilion’s design resembles the Chinese ‘pick-up sticks’ game. A pool surrounds the building, reflecting the glowing walls of the pavilion on its glassy surface, highlighting their shiny appearance whilst accentuating their transparency. Inside, it is divided into irregular sections of different dimensions and each of these sections can be dismantled and
reconstructed, on a smaller scale, in another part of the city. 

The Italian Pavilion will also highlight the Country’s excellence in engineering technology and environmental innovation. It will be equipped with a revolutionary air cleansing system that monitors air quality in enclosed spaces, filters the air, neutralises pollution and reduces airborne bacteria. The new 100% recyclable ceramic tiles employed for the floors have an anti-bacterial property and, through a special process, they can even reduce airborne pollutants.

The pavilion will introduce a newly patented transparent concrete, which will allow natural light to seep through walls during the day, bathing the interior of the pavilion in natural light and reducing the need for artificial light. These technologies have been utilised to create a perfect atmosphere within the pavilion for visitors to admire its treasures.

The Italian pavilion will host a main exhibition curated by the Trieannale di Milano Foundation on the ground floor and several other thematic and cultural exhibitions and events on the first floor with the involvement of Italian regions, cities, public institutions and the private sector.

The main exhibition will be divided into 5 rooms. The first room explores the theme of mobility: it will be brightly lit with steel walls and floors underlining the items on display. It will feature the works of 4 modern artists, and icons of 20th century Italy including a new Ferrari and a classic Isotta Fraschini (the most luxurious car in history).

Room 2 focuses on Italian craftsmanship. Inside a glass walled workshop, master craftsmen will be at work. There will be restoration experts, tailors, silversmiths, violin makers and many more. Along the walls surrounding the workshop will be an exhibition of contemporary Italian design.

On the ceiling of room 3 there will be a satellite view of the Italian peninsula while on the ground, items of Italian manufacture relating to the expo theme will be scattered. These will include the “MOSE” project that protects Venice from tides, solar-powered cars and hybrid motorbikes. The 4th room is a room dedicated to food. Hanging from the ceiling will be a grain field, in the middle stands a centuries old olive tree and on the walls will be an enormous display of wine and pasta. Two large still-lifes by a renowned
17th century painter will also be on display.

The 5th and final room is the covered ‘piazza’, the heart of the pavilion. It will be the climax of the exhibition, celebrating Italian music, fashion and architecture. The room contains elements of a classic architectural masterpiece, one of its walls will showcase fashion samples, and a scenic installation will reproduce a symphony orchestra.

Prof. Beniamino Quintieri, Commissioner General thinks that The Italian Pavilion will attract 10% of Expo visitors during the 6-month period. He remarked ‘we are expecting an average of 30,000 visitors a day; while numerous world class events will be staged to share Italy’s excellence in art & culture, food, technology, environmental achievements and more with our Chinese hosts and overseas visitors.’