Interviews - Commissariato Italiano Esposizione Universale di Shanghai 2010

Xu Bo
Xu Bo

“Italy protagonist at Expo Shanghai 2010”
Interview with Xu Bo, Responsible for foreign participants in the organisation of Expo Shanghai 2010.

Xu Bo is, ideally, the foreign minister of Shanghai 2010. He travels the world non-stop to promote Expo and, of course, hears, listens and receives ideas, information and resolves small and big organisation problems. In Italy during a meeting with the Regions Xu Bo talked about the themes of the exhibition, the preparations being made and the contribution which a country like Italy can make to the Exhibition in China.

The central theme of Expo 2010 is Better City, Better Life, and it is not by chance that it has been called this way. This is the challenge of the future: knowing how to combine economic growth with a better quality of life, above all in the city, a recurring theme in major governments even in the Chinese government. in spite of a strongly growing economy ‘a real economic miracle, recognised by everybody’ says Xu Bo, ‘China today has a problem of running a race which is perhaps too fast. A race which has poisoned the big Chinese metropolis, taking its citizen’s health into very little consideration'.

A situation in which the Chinese Government wishes to intervene, as we can see by the theme chosen for Expo.‘China has recently approved a ‘green project’, says Xu Bo, ‘a project which encourages investment of resources with credit facilities for an acceptable development'.  A development which has to take into consideration the environment, the quality of the air, by drastically lowering the level of pollution.  ‘A theme which involves everyone, not only the Chinese'.

Everybody, or almost everybody, will be present at Expo Shanghai: over 200 nations and more than 60 million visitors. How is Shanghai and China preparing for this great event?

'Working night and day’, assures Xu Bo. This will be the very first exhibition held in China. We can well believe there will be total commitment. ‘The commitment not only of a city – claims Xu Bo – but of the entire country. We would like this Exhibition to be remembered by those who have the opportunity of participating, as a unique and fantastic event. We have the very highest expectation in Italy from where we will have a fundamental contribution in the achievement in a better standard of living in our cities. For China Italy is a brand name of quality and guarantee. Your concept of the more intimate city, your elegance, the care you have for the quality of city life, which full of pleasure and with sports facilities, are matters which many, and we are the first, must learn from’.

The quality of life isn’t a product which is sold, but is made up of ideas, good ideas. ‘The ideas that you Italians have’. Ideas which will be shown inside Expo where we expect to have more than 20 thousand activities connected to the theme Better City, Better Life.

Our ideas will be demonstrated in the Pavilion designed by the architect Giampaolo Imbrighi. ‘It’s marvellous – concludes Xu Bo – how Shanghai is a game and the city I love’.